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Inspire trust with a Certified Domain validation seal!

Thanks to phishing, pharming and a host of other scams,
Web surfers grow more wary by the day.

But there is something you can do to reassure visitors you’re one of the good guys: Put a Certified Domain validation seal on your Web site.

  • Inspire confidence. Placing the Certified Domain seal on your Web site and in your WhoIs display tells them you are the legal originator of your domain name. Visitors will come back again and again knowing that your site is legitimate and backed by a Certified Domain.
  • One day is all it takes. The validation process is simple and can generally be completed in 10 minutes, with the Certified Domain seal issued to your site within 1 business day

Website Designing Plus Certified Domain process inspires confidence in visitors by verifying origination of a domain as well as the identity of the domain originator.

To acquire Certified Domain accreditation, domain originators undergo a credentials check that confirms the contact information provided with their registration. Once the credentials have been authenticated, Website Designing Plus electronically issues a non-transferable Certified Domain seal that you can load to your Web site and WhoIs display.

Your domain retains this accreditation until it expires or becomes invalidated by a change in your domain contact information and needs to undergo re-accreditation.

Certified Domains do not include encryption for site data and transactions.


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