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    by Website Designing Plus

    No matter what design, size, style or color you are looking for, Website Designing Plus can help you achieve the best design for your business.  We include SEO in all website designs.

  • slide5Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are the way of the world in today's market place.


    Up to 70% less than our competition!

    The most cost-effective way to connect with customers and prospects!

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    Do you have all the domain names that relate to your brand?  Register all the domains for your branding today, before someone else registers it.

  • slide3Customers always want to see the lock on their website browser before they will buy from a website.  Why not get the best without getting hammered on the price!

    Also while you're at it, why not get the Free Website Malware Scanner included in your purchase and insure your customers and websites are safe!

  • Web HostingWebsite Hosting you can count on being there when you need help.

    Some web hosting companies only offer e-mail support and take a while to get back to you.  Our web hosting is only a phone call away 24/7.


The look and feel of your website is as important as the look and feel of a brick and mortar storefront. Make a great first impression on potential customers with a professional website design

  • A Quick Guide to Using "FONT-SIZE" Properties…

    font-size Description: The font-size property defines the size of the font. font-size in CSS Versions: CSS 1 CSS 2 CSS 3 font-size Syntax: font-size: absolute-size | relative-size | length | percentage | inherit absolute-sizeThis is referencing a table of font sizes computed by the user-agent. Possible values are: xx-small x-small small medium large x-large xx-large […]

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  • Free WordPress Theme, Optimized for Social

    Social media have long ago become an important part of our everyday life, no wonder we hear it is a must for every website to be ‘optimized for social’. But what does it mean exactly – to be optimized for social? And why is it that important? An ‘optimized for social’ website means the website […]

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  • What is a Style Sheet?

    Question: What is a Style Sheet? Answer: Style sheets are the way that standards-compliant Web designers define the layout, look-and-feel, and design of their pages. They are called Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. With style sheets, a designer can define many aspects of a Web page: fonts colors layout positioning imagery accessibility Style sheets give […]

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  • Container Element

    Definition: A Web page is a series of containers, the most inclusive one being the html element that contains the entire Web page. A container element is defined as an element that contains other HTML elements (including text). Container elements are always block-level elements. Like this:Like Loading…

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