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There are so many website design companies around the world, it seems everyone is setting up such a company, in fact anyone with a laptop seems able to offer this service.  The prices for such a service are dropping, you can pick up a website for less cost than you might think.

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Here at Website Designing Plus we believe in doing websites right. 

What makes one website design company different from another?

One of the most overlooked items when looking for a website designer is whether or not any search engine optimization (SEO) is included.  Without this your website will never get seen by people searching for the keywords relating to your website.  This is probably the most important factor when deciding who to get to design your website.


SEO is Most Important

Designing websites today is relatively easy compared to a few years ago, you have content managed websites such as WordPress these can be built by anyone with an intermediate knowledge of computers.

You do not have to have any website design or html knowledge. Hence the reason why there are so many website design companies springing up, what these companies don’t or can’t do is the most important thing to do with a website and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) .

The problem is: It takes a very long time to do it right and keep it maintained.

About Website Designing Plus

At Website Designing Plus the Plus believes in great SEO.  so if your looking for a company that has worked with SEO for years Website Designing Plus.

If you would like to try your hand at being a Reseller for Websites – Reseller Program

.Looking to Back Domains, hosting or emails – You can get them here

Before taking the first step toward creating a website, ask yourself three questions:

1. Does my website need to have a one-of-a-kind design, or would a neat, clean, pre-made template work just as well?

2. How complex will my online business be?

3. Do I have the technical capability to do any of this?


Website Showoffs

Website Designing Plus has a new look but the best part is we will be adding something very new.  Website showoffs.  For testing and designing and show off new themes, plugins and programming.

Also you will find…..

  • We do more than designing, we can also help with Domain Name Registrations and Web Hosting.
  • Depending on your needs and knowledge, we can maintain your website to keep it current.
  • We can help with building you a social networking site or a Gallery.
  • Programming with PHP and SQL for database needs.
  • Whatever your needs are for a Complete Website, we will work with you to archive the website you desire or need.

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